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How do I write a CV if I have no job experience?

How do I write a CV if I have no job experience?

Whether you’re a graduate with little or no job experience or you’re starting out in the world of work you can still create a successful and worthwhile CV.

Here’s are our top tips:

  • Look at having a skills-based CV rather than the traditional biographical one. This means listing your skills and writing something about them. For example, I am Highly Organised: As demonstrated in my ability to achieve a 1.1 hons degree whilst working part-time and playing sport to a high level.
  • Make sure your CV is targeted for the role you are applying for and the skills you mention are relevant to the role you are applying for.
  • Write a strong personal profile. This is your opportunity to sell yourself. In a few lines, why are you suitable for the job?
  • Focus on your education. What relevant courses have you completed? What were the most relevant subjects? What subjects did you do in your Leaving Certificate and what results did you get (only list them if they’re good). Have you completed a third level degree or other college course that is relevant to the role? Give details and emphasise your achievements within these.
  • Think about personal interests and achievements.  Have you received any awards or special recognition for something?
  • Have you volunteered for a local project, been involved in fundraisers, helped out with any teams or organisations, captained any sports teams? Mention these and think about what elements of these would apply to what the employer is looking for

Remember – Don’t waffle and Keep it to the Point!

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