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Help your child make the right choice for their future study and career prospects

Help your child make the right choice for their future study and career prospects

Research has shown that one in three students choose a college course that’s a poor fit for their interests and abilities.

With so many choices looming for second and third level students, heightened competition and uncertainty around what course or career is right for them, it is easy for students to feel overwhelmed.

That anxiety can lead to poor decisions that may lead to wasted time and money. In fact, 1 in 3 second level students will choose a college course that is a poor fit with their interests and abilities.

Is your student…

  • Feeling the pressure to pick a college and/or a job path post college?
  • Comparing themselves to all their friends, who seem to know what they want to do in life?
  • Struggling to find a clear direction?
  • Having second thoughts about their course choice?
  • Stressed about starting their career after graduation?

As a parent, you play an important role in preparing your student for their future. You want them to be excited, confident and optimistic.

Give them a head start by encouraging them to do the following

1. Work with a Career Coach

Consider working with a certified Career Coach who specialises in helping second level and college students navigate the overwhelming maze of career possibilities. A great coach will help your child gain greater self-awareness of their talents, interests, values and passions to identify their best career fit. This, in turn, allows them to more effectively determine which colleges or apprenticeships to apply for, which course to take, or which internships to apply for.

2. Volunteer

There are many organisations looking for volunteers for projects, especially at the moment. Social media is a great place to search for volunteer opportunities in your local area. LinkedIn often lists unpaid internships or job openings that could be an ideal way to sample a job or career that is of interest. Try www.volunteer.ie to register for, or search for a volunteer role in your locality.

3. Network

This might be a daunting prospect to a young person but it can be as simple as striking up a conversation with the people around them. You never know who may be sitting close to you and a lucky encounter could lead to a useful conversation or even an internship

4. Shadow a professional

Has your child ever wondered what a Civil Engineer does all day? There is no better way to learn about a job than to spend a day shadowing someone in that profession. Many schools or college programmes can facilitate the safe shadowing of a professional. Securing this may take some time, but the benefits are great and can be hugely beneficial in the decision-making process.

5. Research

Do your research! Really get to grips with the options that are being considered. Encourage your child to really understand potential careers and the elements of the college courses or apprenticeships he or she is considering. Remember that they don’t have to have their career mapped out to perfection but the choices that are made now should be taking them in the direction of a career that suits their interests and abilities. CareersPortal.ie is a great source of information for students.

For college leavers, the same applies. The steps you take immediately after graduation should put you in the right path, towards that dream job. Research the companies that offer the best options for graduates, such as graduate programmes or paid internships.

For more information and a no-obligation chat with our in-house Career Coach, Fiona, call 051 878813 or email fiona@hartleypeople.com

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